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'Tis the season!

It is December 1st! The year is coming to an end but the festive season is just beginning.  This time of year can really make or break a training regime and potentially cause set backs in our fitness & weight loss goals.  So many of us look forward to a holiday or a break from work but it can be very easy to lose sight of our goals with our feet up, a beer in hand, eating copious amounts of food... 'tis the season!  While every good training program includes rest days and emphasises the importance for recovery, you can easily get used to relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Fitness related New Years resolutions regularly fail or fall short of the mark.  The reason is often due to drastic changes from a lazy holiday period full of roast dinners, booze and family arguments into a hell for leather work out plan and dieting.  This method may produce short term results but the transition can be too extreme, too quickly and old habits die hard.  Making small changes over time have a higher chance of becoming habit and part of every day life. 

Instead of trying to undo the damage of the holiday season later on, try and limit the carnage - opt for a single Christmas meal with the family rather than grazing all day  and when the snack bowls are empty, don't refill them! Plan some fun activities that don't revolve around food and/or sitting around. Come New Years both your waistline and your wallet will thank you for it. Above all, be realistic. Don't promise yourself that you'll stay away from the chips or won't have any pudding. If you slip up, you'll just end up feeling bad about it and if you don't, well, you're probably not going to have a very merry Christmas.. Be flexible and forgiving. Commit to keeping a level head around food and moving your body more. When it's time to set those New Years resolutions, they'll be that little bit more achievable. If you have a tendency to set a new years fitness resolution but often fall short, now is the best time to start.  Plan ahead.  Write it down.  Make a meal plan for each week to keep your diet in check.   Plan to eat and drink and be merry on Christmas day but plan to go for a walk on Boxing day.  Plan new and exciting things.  Learn how to surf on Wednesday.  Visit the park on Saturday and climb around one of those rope towers.  Dust off the cricket bat and strategically place the wheelie bin for some backyard cricket on New Years Day.  Explore some of our great national parks on Tuesday.  Plan to see a personal trainer for a killer workout or two and a training program (I can help with this!) & seize the mother-fuckin' day!  Don't wait until the new year to make a change.

If you're bored at home & stuck for ideas of things to do; go outside & move!

  • walking / hiking / running in trails

  • swimming - beaches / Lakes / fresh water creeks & waterfalls

  • backyard sports - cricket / soccer / touch footy

  • Use the local parks

  • adventure sports - mountain biking / rock climbing / kayaking


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