I'm Josh!

I am the coach here at In-house Fitness.  I have been operating out of my home based studio since 2017, training people, who had seen themselves as ordinary, to do extraordinary things.

I love adventure and who I have become because of those adventures. However many years ago, I was overweight and made a lot of poor choices related to food; binging on junk food and drinking energy drinks daily.  This made doing adventurous things difficult. Changing my relationship with food for the better was the key to losing weight (almost 40kg!) along with a healthy relationship with exercise and training.

This change has led me to do some amazing and fun things, all over the world; motorcycle racing at state and national events, Spartan racing in Greece & England, skiing in Canada & trail running through Japan.

I could not have enjoyed (or even experienced) a lot of these things without the level of fitness I have achieved.  It is an absolute joy and privilege to be able to help every day people make important changes in their lives and be able to experience amazing things.

I am a personal trainer and FMA Strength & Conditioning coach & I would love to help you achieve greatness.

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